Sorry, But you need to get Flash or Ruffle!
Housemoon Sprinter requires the use of Adobe Flash to operate, this is a relic of the era which the site was started in, during which although Flash was basically dead it was still around. So now, in the current age, I have to kindly ask that you install either one of these to use our site. Now, If you have gotten to this page through Chrome, or a mobile browser then something has gone horribly wrong and you should see if Javascript is turned on or not, in fact the site would look pretty bloody odd if Javascript is off. Anyway:

Ruffle is a modern emulator for Flash written in Rust and WebAssembly, this is probably the best option if you have a browser made in the past couple years or are on Linux, in fact unless you want to mess with the terminal, it's probably your only option. Now I wouldn't of reccommended Ruffle about two years ago, but it has improved to the point where the site is basically 100% compatible. So yeah, you're not missing out on much.

This is the legacy option for people on old browsers or old operating systems, if your on a semi modern Chrome or Chrommium equivalent you can't even use this option. This link will take you to the last version of Flash without the infamous time-bomb, so yeah. You could also get the latest version and patch it, but this is the more convient way to do it.
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